integrating the learning environment with a reverence for nature.


“to see a world in a grain of sand, 

and a heaven in a wild flower, 

hold infinity in the palm of your hand, 

an eternity in an hour.

-William Blake”



it is wonder, which enables one to embark upon the goodness...of the human spirit.  children are the embodiment of wonder.   consequently, it is essential to foster a child's own sense of wonder by creating an environment whereby that child can safely explore the essence of childhood through the spirit of kindness, generosity and compassion.  

the most compassionate environment...

is nature.


"come forth into the light of things,

let nature be your teacher."

-william wordsworth



our mission...

balancing play with intentional provocations and investigations is what the beginning of learning could look like. using multiple senses to explore the modality by which children best understand the information that is presented to them creates the necessary cognitive connections and associations, while fostering a holistic environment from which to learn.

to nurture a child’s own natural sense of curiosity, is to open the door for child driven learning environment. 

it is here, in this that the passion for learning begins.

the shelter island early learning center’s early childhood programs integrate the learning environment with a reverence for the natural world.  by helping children listen and consider the feelings of others we can cultivate a natural propensity for empathy, caring and compassion ultimately nourishing and encouraging the child’s best self.



children have only one childhood