Shelter Island Preschool


Children have only one childhood …

A different kind of beginning.

Learning begins with a sense of wonder. All children are born with an innate sense of wonder, which is often demonstrated by observing and questioning the environment around them so to make sense of their world. It is essential to foster the child’s own sense of wonder by creating an environment whereby children can safely explore the essence of childhood through the spirit of kindness, generosity and compassion.

Balancing play with intentional provocations and investigations is what the beginning of learning could look like. Using multiple senses to explore the modality by which children best understand the information that is presented to them creates the necessary cognitive connections and associations, while fostering a holistic environment from which to learn.

If we can nurture a child’s own natural sense of curiosity, we essentially open the door for child driven learning environment. It is here, in this that the passion for learning begins.

The Shelter Island Early Learning Center’s early childhood program integrates the learning environment with reverence by helping children understand and communicate feelings and consider the feelings of others. Creating a natural propensity for empathy, caring and compassion for those around them ultimately nourishes and encourages the child’s best self.